Wednesday, April 24, 2013


The staff and leadership of Children of the Promise have been great about really wanting our family to get settled and acclimated before taking babies into our home.  I (Holly) have felt ready for a while in regards to the babies but knew it was best to wait on the rest of the family, especially Zion Hope, who will no longer be the baby of the family.

 I have been struggling more with the addition of Haitian staff to our home.  We have been interviewing and talking with two women over the past two weeks about working in our home as the "aunts" of the home.  They will help with child care, cooking, cleaning and anything else that gets done in our home.  They also have helped select a few others who will work here.  While I have been excited about talking with these women and hearing their thoughts, we have always had a translator.  Soon these women will be in our house all day, every day and we have very limited Creole and they have even more limited English.  While I knew this would be the case when we came, the reality has been settling in.  How do we communicate?  I can say a few things, but nothing beyond light conversation.  How do I hear their hearts when I can't even understand their words?   I want to really know these women. It is so important to me that we have a great relationship and that we learn from one another. 

 Can you imagine even having someone who speaks your language in your house all day.  Seeing your ugliness, your faults, your sin struggles.  Witnessing how you interact with your husband and children at every moment?  Now throw in the fact that you can barely communicate with them.  That you have to struggle for every word.  That you don't even know how to ask them what their favorite food is? (I am going to learn that one before next week!)  This has been producing anxiety in me. 

However, God has been speaking to me about this.  He is instructing me about peace.  About not wanting to plan every moment, but to wait on Him and His plan.  To depend on Him from moment to moment for His peace, and not to have my peace based on the circumstances in my life. To lean on Him and to trust Him every time we have a difficult moment or we just don't understand one another.  To know that His plan is good and He called us here and everything will work out according to His will.

Will you pray with me?  That the transitions will go smoothly.  That our relationships with our nannies will be deep and that we will grow to love one another.  That as babies come into our home they will be loved well, and that we will function together as a family growing in grace.  That is the name of our home:  The Grace House.  May it be filled with grace each day!


  1. This is beautiful. Thank you for being transparent. God's grace is sufficient and He's got you. Praying and loving you from LC.

  2. Praying for you Holly! We know that God has chosen you and has already chosen the perfect"aunt" or two for your ever changing and growing family. He is sufficient to supply all our needs. I love your heart that you want to know theirs and for them to understand yours. Communication can be a smile, a hug, a touch or a simple word. Love and acceptance is an emotion that is universal the rest will come.

  3. precious...transparent...uplifting as we have a window into your world in haiti...i love you so much!

  4. There couldn't be better family that God picked for this journey. I know these children will be blessed in ways they could never dream of. The love of God translates any and all languages. Love you guys and will be praying for all of you.

  5. You'll find that having the ladies there will help you learn Creole faster. I will be praying because I know the adjustment, I still get the longing at times to have a whole weekday of just family without the 'fishbowl' of having folks watching. Watching how you do things, how you parent, how you live. Will be praying that the Lord sends you special friends for your help.