Wednesday, May 8, 2013

The babies are here!

I have been wanting to write a blog post for quite a while, but there is always something that keeps me from doing it.  We will try to be better about updating you on what is happening in our lives.  
There is so much going on right now!  I will just hit on a few things, and then hopefully will be able to share a link with you where you can watch a video I think you will enjoy.   Our babies and aunts are now here!  So exciting!  So challenging!  Much laughter, some tears, and many, many dirty diapers!!!  Things are going well.  We are forced to use our limited Creole all day long, and are learning more each day.  It is difficult, but good.  Our children are doing well and helping out with the new members.  Zion Hope is learning, slowly, that she is not the only "baby" anymore.  She, Loudena, and Fritzlin are all 2, which makes things interesting at times.  Jacob and Paco are both just under a year.  We are learning about each of their different personalities and loving our time with them.  I could go on and on, but I want you to have time to watch the video!  I hope to post more pictures of our first week soon.

Prayer requests:
Our family has taken turns being sick with a fever for the past week.  Now that we have all had it, we are praying that we will be healthy for a while.
Paco has been sick for a while, and continues to be.  Please pray that he will be healthy soon and we can really get to know him without forcing him to drink or checking his temperature. 
Pray that our aunts will really enjoy their work with us and that our relationship can be filled with sweet fellowship and bonding.  We have already really enjoyed our times of family worship, singing, and prayer with them.  We laugh a lot together....especially when we can't understand one another!
Pray for Dan as he prepares and preaches each Sunday.  That the Holy Spirit would guide and that God's Word would go forth in power.  
We really want to speak Creole well.  It is difficult, but we are learning. Some days it feels insurmountable, but the past few days we can tell that we must be learning because our aunts understand us even better than last week!
It is hot and getting hotter.  That might sound like a strange thing to mention, but life feels more difficult when you are always sweating.  Please pray that our bodies would adjust to the heat, and that we will be kind, loving and patient even in the heat.
We get emotional at times.  We are homesick.  We are overwhelmed.  I am told that the song that was sung at the dedication talks about us not doing this alone, but that we need Jesus.  So, so true.  Pray that we will stay connected to The Vine!
I hope you enjoy this link to the dedication we had for The Grace House.  You can meet our aunts and kiddos, too!


  1. Holly! I am so excited for ALL of you... what a wonderful thing you have going on. I love following your blog, so thanks for posting! I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers! Give everyone a big hug for me... I miss everyone so much!

  2. The video is such a treasure. Thanks for sharing it! (I missed it on the dedication blog.) I found myself pausing it, watching again, trying to jump into the computer screen. Love you much.
    Thanks for the specific prayer requests and for sharing the struggles and the joys.