Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Travel Plans

Some of you may have heard rumors that the Willis family will be traveling soon.  Many of you have not because the plans have not been in the making for very long.  When we first came to Haiti we thought a trip to the United States might happen in the late fall or early winter.  As we thought more about it, we talked about how difficult that might be with the travel involved as we will be seeing family in both Michigan and Minnesota.  We also thought about the added stress of more clothes and gear needed to be outside during those months.  Planning to be home a little earlier might be easier logistically, but would it be better for our  children emotionally.  We have only been gone six months.  Have they adjusted to this being "home" yet?  Will it be harder on them to come back?

As we began to talk with staff here at COTP, we discussed the fact that Seth and Melissa Johnson, the new house parents for the Joy House, would be arriving in late August.  We talked about how that would be a perfect transition for us and for them if they could "housesit" with our children and aunts while we were away and see what works well and what they would do differently in their home.  It seemed that God was leading us in an earlier trip.

Next came Dan's hernia.  He had been telling me for a while that he was in pain, but since we didn't know what to do about it, we just kept living life and hoping it would go away.  Finally we could ignore it no longer, so Dan went to see a Haitian doctor to verify that it was indeed a hernia.  We explored several options of having the surgery done in Haiti or in the Dominican Republic, and none of those options were working out.  The pain continued to get worse.  In God's good providence, He already had a plan for this and we contacted a surgeon in Michigan who is very kind and helpful, and he agreed to do the surgery.  It just so happens that he was able to get Dan's surgery scheduled a week before we were thinking about coming to the States.  Isn't God good?

As it stands now, Dan and the boys will be headed to Michigan on September 7th.  Jadyn, Zion Hope, and I will stay in Haiti and work with our Haitian kids until the following week so Dan can recoup a bit before we have to start counting this trip as vacation.

Although we would love to see so many people and tell everyone about how things are going here in Haiti, this trip will primarily be focused on Dan's surgery and recovery and spending much needed time with immediate family.  We will be traveling a lot just to see our siblings and parents, and more traveling seems quite daunting to us as this trip will serve as our one break this year.  We hope that is not hurtful to any of you, and that you can understand our need for quality time with our families.

We would love your prayers over the next two months.
For travel for both of us as neither of us is crazy about flying internationally with children on our own.
For Dan's surgery and recovery.
For sweet fellowship with family.....we miss them all deeply and are so excited for time with them.
For safe travels in the states.
For our Haitian children and the aunts as they function in a different way and for Seth and Melissa as they serve in our home.
For rest and readiness to return to the work that God has called us to in Haiti.

God has provided in so many ways already.  Details that were very daunting are starting to come together.  The surgeon, insurance that will cover at least part of the surgery, a vehicle to use, the buying of so many different combinations of tickets that my head was starting to spin with the different options.  He is so good to us and we are grateful.  Think of all the ways he is blessing you today and give Him thanks.