Just Jadyn


    Its so hard to say goodbye, sometimes it makes me want to cry.Through tears of sad goodbyes, and hopes of bluer, sunnier skies, I remember who's hand my life is in-the one who delivers us from sin. Even though I want to cry, I take a deep breath and sigh, remembering all the many blessings I'm blessed with. So with every tear and every sniff, I count the many things I'm blessed with.

  2. Oh, Jadyn, this is so good! Sighing, sniffing, remembering, and focusing on blessings with you. YOU are a blessing.
    We love you!
    Mrs. Vredevoogd

  3. Jadyn--

    We are SO excited for you to have down to Haiti and to be here at COTP with us! We remember that transition and the time of feeling sad and remembering...we still feel that way sometimes! Know that we are praying for you! And cannot wait to meet you so soon!

    The Vande Lune's

  4. I have a lot of mixed emotions. It is hard to say goodbye, but it will also be hard to see babies suffer- and sometimes even die. It will be hard to see babies go to new homes, and at the same time know that it is what's best for them. Please pray for me(and my family)as we pack, say goodbye, as well as our mixed emotions.


    1. I'm glad you have this blogging figured out, I can't even figure out how to reply :)
      Praying you know that you are all being covered in prayer and VERY much loved by so many, but more importantly by our Faithul God whose mercies are new EVERY day.

  5. Hi Jadyn! I was thinking about you and praying for you last night and this morning.
    I think it's amazing that you get to spend these special years of beginning to be a young lady living in a very unique place and caring for some of God's precious little ones. I'm sure God wants you in Haiti for this time so that He can shape your life exactly as He wants to. Your beautiful smile will be a such a blessing to everyone around you!
    Kayla, Anna, Alex, Bria, and I were praying for courage for you and your brothers and sister today.
    We love you! Hugs from Anna & Kayla!
    Kristin Whipple

  6. Dear Jadyn,

    Praying for you and your family as you embark on this new adventure God has given you. Praying for your hearts as you love on some precious children He has given you to care for and nurture. Also agreeing with Mrs. Whipple's comment - an amazing time for you as you grow into the young woman God is designing you to be.

    With much love from the Baas family: Craig, Lois, Zachary & Chloe

    Mrs. Baas :)