Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Pictures and Prayer requests

 Getting ready for our first outing "into town".  This is on our front porch.
 We love riding in the back of the vehicles.  No seat belts here!
 Easter morning.  They stayed this clean for a very short time!
 Some of our new friends.
 Look at that handsome face! 
 Can I have all this cake, mom?
 Jadyn has been teaching our friend John some English grammar.
 Sweeping sisters!  With no window panes, the house gets dusty quickly!!
What we see out of our front door every day.  The next child home!

Prayer requests for this week.
We will be talking to the nannies that will possibly be working in our house this week.  Pray that everyone making this decision will have wisdom and that God would make it clear.
Pray for our relationships with one another, with our fellow staff, and with our new Haitian friends and neighbors.
Pray that we will have wisdom meeting needs in the community and knowing our limitations.
Pray for the children that will soon be transitioning into our home, the Grace House.
Pray for continued improvement in speaking and learning Creole.
Pray for us as we face spiritual warfare.
Pray for continued health and safety.

We so appreciate our prayer warriors!!!


  1. Thank you for sharing these photos and helping us to know how to pray for you. We love you.

  2. So beautiful. I pray God gives me the opportunity to come see you on a missions trip some day. I'm a very good sweeper.

  3. You are always in our prayers!!!!

  4. I Love the pics.!!!! Happiness in the kids faces are heart warming. I keep looking at the parsonage everytime i go by, and ya know what??? ..... Your still not home:) I know you are making your home in Haiti now but I still miss you everyday. But I am so gratefull that we are all loved by the same big God that sustains you in Haiti and us in Michigan. God is Good! ALL the time GOD is Good!!! LOVE YOU ALL!!!

  5. Thanks for letting us know how we can pray for you specifically and for taking the time to blog. I look forward to your posts!!