Sunday, May 3, 2015

Long overdue update!

It is difficult to believe that it has really been over three months since I have updated our blog.  Life stays busy here in the Grace House and we are never bored!  There is laughter and tears, dishes and cooking, laundry and paperwork, playing and fighting, praying and seeking, and we are striving to offer GRACE to each other every day.

Dan recently returned from Florida for some medical testing he needed to do and we are all happy to have him back.  We are talking more and more often here about moving back to America and what that means for each of us.  We talk about possibilities for work, leaving people we love, returning to people we love, fears, excitement, what we look forward to, and what we will miss.  We know that we will need some time to transition back to life in America and also to be "the Willis family" again.  It will be two and a half years since we have been in a house with just the seven of us and no extras when we return in June.   At this point we plan to take some time reconnecting as a family and spending some time with extended family.  During that time we will continue to pursue job possibilities for Dan and trust that God will show us His will for the next phase in our life.

Several people have asked us what we need and how you can help us as we move forward.  First and foremost we would love your prayers.  This will be a major transition for all of us and it will involve some grieving.  We have loved and cared for and invested in these five little children for over two years and now we will be saying goodbye.  There are many more people we will be leaving also, and a beautiful country we have grown to love.  Please pray for our Haitian children, the aunts, the new family that will care for them, and their adoptive families.  We could also use your financial help to finish here in Haiti and then to transition to work in America.    We have always hesitated to ask, but a friend recently told me that if we do not ask, people do not know how they can help.  If this is a way you would like to help, please contact one of us and we can point you in the right direction.  Your gift can go through Children of the Promise and be tax deductible.  Thank you for all of your encouraging words, prayers and gifts while we have been here in Haiti.  And I promise to write more posts and show you more pictures in the near future!  I will leave you with some photos that our friend Jenna took a few months ago.  Aren't these children precious?

We are quite the crew!

The "triple threat"
The girls

Best buds

Sweet relationships
The beauty of the open road

We can't take a walk without the cows!
The milk man photo bomb! 


Children of the Promise has given permission for the posting of the photos on this site.  Photos taken of  the children in the care of Children of the Promise are not to be posted publicly without explicit permission given by Children of the Promise.

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  1. Love the top picture! And, all the others. :) Praying for your hearts.