Sunday, December 8, 2013

"Cold weather" pictures

Some of the other international staff assured me a while back that there would be times when it would be cold enough to wear "footie pajamas".  I was skeptical but said, "sure, bring some over".  It has been pleasantly cool in the evenings for a few weeks now.  It still is quite warm during the day, but overall quite comfortable.  Definitely the best time of year to live in Haiti.  (If you want to schedule a visit for next year, do it for this time of year!)  Anyway, I am still quite comfortable in my shorts and tshirts most evenings, and once in a while I pull my blanket on for a couple of hours in the night.  Otherwise it is great with just a sheet.

The other night, after all the Willis children had bathed and put on their shorts for bed....the boys without shirts, Dan and I were helping with baths for our Haitian kids and the aunts broke out the sleepers.  Wow.  Sleepers.  I think it had to be between 75 and 80 degrees....and after helping eight kids get their baths, I was sweating.  But I went along with it because they looked so cute!!!  And Zion Hope wanted warm pajamas so I dug a pair out for her.  I even made our aunts hot chocolate later that evening.  I took some photos because who knows how many times this will happen.....hopefully several more before it gets too hot again!  Enjoy!

 They were all trying to convince Paco to smile....Loudena and Zion are forever "mothering" all the boys, and I am pretty sure Jacob and Fritzlin were joining in for this picture.

Zeke is giving you all the "peace" sign.  
Isaiah often goes to Paco even before me in the morning.  He loves to make Paco laugh and smile.

 After worship in the evening, Dan often ends up on the floor with a child or ten on top of him.

They look pretty happy in their cozy pj's!!!

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