Friday, June 14, 2013

Happy Birthday, Jacob!

Happy Birthday, Jacob!  This is our first picture of just us and the children.  I know they aren't smiling....but they really do seem to like it here!  They were all just waking up from their naps when we started the birthday party.  Everyone enjoyed the cake and I am sure Jacob was thrilled with the toy parrot Isaiah is sharing with him for his birthday!  Fritzlin and Loudena decided Jacob was leaving too many crumbs on his tray so they helped him eat the rest.  We encourage helping any way we can around here!!  The bottom picture is of Fritzlin in a Twins bib.  I am sure it will make him a Twins fan when he grows up!



  1. Impressive to see ya'll together!
    Thanks for the photos. Can't get enough of those.
    Happy birthday, Jacob!

  2. tears fill my eyes as I see this precious photo. you are doing an amazing work for the kingdom.