Monday, February 18, 2013

Moving On

We continue to prepare for our new adventure!  We have said many farewell's, packed many boxes, and driven many miles.  We are now in the VERY cold state of Minnesota and tonight we are awaiting the birth of our niece!  We want to spend some time with her before we leave, so we are praying for a safe and healthy delivery TONIGHT!  I was really hoping to be there, but the Minnesota winds are preventing travel. 
There are many things that we still need to do. It is amazing how much paperwork goes into moving out of the country!  We are looking forward to our getting to know our roles at Children Of The Promise and getting away from all the planning and packing and forms to fill out!  Anyone have a guess on how much our luggage might weigh?  I am supposed to have an estimate....and really have nothing!
God has been so good to us!  Relative health for all of us over the months of traveling to family and different speaking engagements, safe travel for us and our parents as we moved to MN, wonderful friends and family who provided for us and prayed many prayers, and meeting our financial needs in amazing ways.  Thank you to those of you who have prayed and also all the other ways you have blessed us.  We are so grateful.
We will leave for Minneapolis on March 12, Florida on the 13th, and Haiti on the 14th.  Until then we will be preparing, meeting with stateside staff of COTP, packing, presenting our ministry, and spending time with family.  We would love your continued prayers as the date draws near for our departure.   We can't wait to meet the little ones that will be in our care!


  1. You will always be in our prayers! We miss you already!

  2. Love you, Willis family. Thanks for taking the time to update so we know how to pray.

  3. Praying for all the details. Think of you every time I pass the church.

  4. When you arrive in FL, which is where I live, we will be in Haiti. You get to Haiti the day before we leave, it seems. Praying blessings and grace on all you are doing and all you endeavor for His Kingdom!